The A&P Group is a multi million, multi dimensional and multi divisional conglomerate spread over the United Arab Emirates and India. The diversified activities of various companies came under one baton "The A&P Group", which has pursued with one mission and relentless zeal for the last 30 years to nurture the leadership through quality Products and dedicated Service. The Group's quest for quality is driven by the need to fulfil the product expectations ordained by its customers. With this philosophy, the A&P group set their pace and has emerged as a renowned professionally managed Group of Companies in the corporate sector. The A & P groups' interests lie in packaging, manufacturing concrete products, engineering, construction, oleoresins, packaged food and real estate.

Essa Engineering & Marine Services LLC, Ajman, UAE
An ISO 9001 accredited company, Essa Engineering & Marine Services LLC is the flagship company of the well established "A & P Group", engaged in various diversified multi-million activities spread over UAE and India with an impressive product portfolio. Established in 1980 in the Emirate of Ajman, is now having Branches in all the Emirates of UAE. The most outstanding feature of the company is that every major project undertaken had been completed either on time or ahead of schedule. This unique track record enables the company to always stay ahead.

During the last 30 years, Essa Engineering has achieved substantial growth by undertaking various projects in the field of Water Distribution Networks, Desalination Plants, Pumping Stations, Sub-stations, Sewerage Plants, Mineral Water Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Pre-fabricated Light and Medium Structures, Repairing and Maintenance of Ships, for their prestigious clientele.

The major projects successfully completed during its' span are:

  • 100mm dia to 2000mm dia Pipe Lines
  • Concrete and Steel Water Tanks
  • Pumping Stations
  • Sub-stations
  • Desalination related Jobs
  • Cement Plants related Jobs
  • Fertilizer related Jobs

Essa Engineering and Marine Services LLC has the resource of dedicated and efficient multinational workforce comprising of highly qualified Engineers and Supervisors, Skilled/ Unskilled and Trained Workers.

National Packaging Industries LLC, Ajman, UAE
National Packaging Industries LLC (NPI), an ISO 9001 accredited Company was established in the year 1989, having a large production capacity.  It is one of the largest packaging facilities in the U.A.E with state of the art, computerised plant, large warehousing facility with excellent inventory control, with a full fledged design development wing, with 24-hour maintenance unit ensures minimum down time, 24- hour Quality Assurance lab monitors all production stages and has own fleet service that ensures timely delivery. It has the facility to manufacture 3 Ply and 5 Ply Corrugated Cartons and have the facility for printing up to 6 Colours and a box making plant with rotary die-cutter, BHS plant, Emba machines and also automatic stitching facility

Employing about 300 personnel, the company is able to cater to the requirements of Blue chip companies almost in all segments such as Garments, Ceramic Tiles, Perfumes,Oils & Lubricants, Mineral Water, Vegetables & Fruits, Tea, Confectioneries and so on. In addition to enjoying the lion share of the domestic market, we are the leading exporters of Corrugated Boxes to India, Pakistan, Kuwait, Iran, etc besides European Countries.

Apex Concrete Block Factory , Dubai, UAE
Apex Concrete Block Factory has one have the most sophisticated Computer Controlled Plant manufacturing a wide range of Masonry Blocks and Paving Stones for the construction industry. The Products are cured in a unique "Thermic Fluid" heating system, enabling Apex to achieve the shortest delivery cycle time
Apex is a leader in product innovation, having pioneered the introduction of "Apex Thermo Block" for heat insulation of buildings in United Arab Emirates. Commissioned in 1996, Apex has, in a very short time, established a name in the market for quality, service and product innovation.

Apex is ISO 9001 certified and has a well-knit and well-trained team of professionals.

It has the capacity to produce 35 Million Blocks annually and the range of products manufactured include:

Masonry Blocks:

  1. Thermo Blocks
  2. Light Weight Blocks
  3. Filler Blocks
Interlocking paving blocks:
Available in various shapes, dimensions and different colours.

Innovative value added products:
  1. Sandblasted paving
  2. Washed paving
  3. Tumbled paving
  4. Tiles
  5. Split blocks
Apex Precast Products Industries LLC - Ajman, UAE

Precast Concrete is the silent revolution that is sweeping the construction industry across the world today. At the same time there is a need to conserve energy by heat insulating the buildings in the hot Middle East regions. The Government of UAE has come out with stipulations to make heat insulation of buildings compulsory by 2002.

Anticipating these trends, the A&P Group has established Apex Precast Products Industries LLC in the year 1998 with an appropriate Australian Technology, combining the advantages of Pre-cast with heat insulation.

Apex Precast insulated Panels are unique in many ways;
Light in Weight (60% of normal concrete weight)
Heat Insulated (exceeding the future stipulations of the local authorities)
Comes in extravagant finishes - granite, marble or natural stones.

Since its inception, the company has completed remarkable projects like Prestressed Precast ground water tanks, 3- Storey Precast Office building; Cladding work for 10 storey building and so far total 85 kilometres of Precast Boundary Wall etc.

Apex precast has got the expertise in design, production and erection of precast elements for Boundary walls, FormPlank slabs to any shape, Wall Panels, Footing-Column-Beam system for multi-storey structures, Water Tanks, Staircases, Manhole, trenches, retaining walls, decorative bollard and architectural landscaping items etc

Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt Ltd-  India

Established in 1995, Akay is a leading global supplier of paprika and spice oleoresins from India.

Akay has a long-standing heritage in the production and supply of paprika and spice oleoresins to the global market, providing both flavour and functionality into a wide range of spice and colour products. Since its foundation in 1995, Akay has established a large customer base throughout Europe, USA, South & Central America and Asia Pacific.

Renowned for its cutting-edge extraction technology, expertise in meeting customer specifications and extensive sourcing capabilities, Akay is ideally positioned to offer the technical expertise and support that is required in today’s challenging market.

Akay has a world-wide presence with regional sales offices and distribution set- up in all major countries.

Pomsy Food Products Pvt. Ltd - India

Established in 1993, Pomsy Food Products Pvt. Ltd., is one of the most modern, sophisticated and fully automated biscuit factory in India, controlled with 100% Programmable Logic Control (PLC). "POMSY" biscuits are known for its extra ordinary mouth-watering taste, which have an array of several varieties to its credit. In order to strike equilibrium between the supply and demand, the factory has to sometimes exceed the designed capacity utilization to produce over 2500 tons per month to meet the growing demand.

The factory is housed by the professionally managed competent personnel. POMSY, a market leader in product innovation, tremendously dominate the South Indian region, due to its known quality in biscuits. The factory has a long-term collaboration with the Central Food Technology & Research Institute (CFTRI) located at Mysore, a world-renowned technological institute known for its technical know-how. Most of the expertise / consultants placed in food industries in the Middle East and African continent are attached with this famous pioneer institute. The entire factory is controlled by Enterprises Resource Planning (ERP), and equipped with the web camera, through which effective monitoring can be made at any point of time from any nook and corner of the world. This advanced technological system has got the remote monitoring capability.

This is one of the factories of its kind in India, having a strong hi-tech infrastructure base, comprising of highly skilled professionals.

Pomsy has achieved befitting the maxim of the end-users "Once a Customer Always a Customer". The factory, with its excellent track record of Quality Control System, manufactures "POMSY" biscuits in the most 100% hygienic conditions. Quality standards are strongly emphasized in each and every stage of the production line and the professional teams at POMSY adhere zealously to these standards. So much so, our production line is fully equipped with the latest facilities and at all times the products are handled exclusively by the machines.

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